Garforth Acupuncture Clinic - Testimonials

The following testimonials are from clients at Garforth Acupuncture Clinic who have kindly given their time to write a few words about how acupuncture has helped them. The names of the people who provided these testimonials have been changed to protect their identity and maintain confidentiality.

Theresa (39)

I have attended Garforth Acupuncture Clinic regularly for the last 10 months. Initially Cary asked me about my presenting condition and questions about my general health and medical history. In short, she wanted to know about me as an individual before tailoring treatment to meet my needs. The treatment is extremely relaxing, not in the least painful or unpleasant and afterwards you feel completely relaxed and re-energised. Cary is extremely caring and professional and you are instantly put at ease in her company. Over time the reasons for me having acupuncture have changed and I can categorically say that acupuncture will always be one of my treatment methods of choice. In Cary I have found more than just a person who performs acupuncture, she is someone who I can talk to openly and trust.

Louise (31)

My mum first suggested I go visit Cary after she had been treated by Cary with acupuncture for back problems. I was getting very bad migraines that were becoming more and more frequent and I was having to take time off work because of it. My doctor gave me some tablets that helped but I didn’t like the idea of having to take tablets all the time and they also made me quite drowsy. I was apprehensive about the needles but Cary was patient and understanding and explained why I was getting migraines and how acupuncture could help. The acupuncture was strange to start with but not unpleasant and afterwards I felt relaxed and quite sleepy. I hadn’t realised all the stress and tension I was carrying in my neck and shoulders but there was a definite release after acupuncture, my neck felt less restricted. To start with I had acupuncture every week for 4 weeks and during that time I didn’t have a migraine. Cary then suggested we spread out the treatments to fortnightly and now monthly. I go to Cary for a monthly ‘top up’ which keeps me pretty much migraine free. If I do start with a migraine Cary has taught me some acupressure techniques to keep it at bay until my next acupuncture session.

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Adam (67)

I had been a keen amateur footballer up to the age of 42 but then I started to experience pain in my left knee which was keeping me awake at night. Some years before that I had injured my knee during a match; I had to use crutches for a few weeks but after that my knee would bother me in cold weather but mostly it was ok. I had some xrays and my doctor diagnosed osteoarthritis, he suggested I take up another sport such as swimming to reduce the impact on my knee. I have never been much of a swimmer so I started playing golf. I came to see Cary because after I retired from work I started to put a bit of weight on, this extra weight put added stress on my knee and it became increasingly painful making it difficult for me to get around. While I was waiting for a referral to a physiotherapist a golfing friend of mine suggested acupuncture so I contacted Cary. Cary puts needles around my knee and also in my hands and feet. Acupuncture keeps the pain under control allowing me to use my knee and be more active.